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FREE SAMPLE ISSUE: The May/June 2016 issue of NeuroPerspective reviews the fields of TBI and Stroke. Both areas have been the source of enormous frustration and little clinical progress when it comes to the development of pharmacotherapies. Stroke has seen a transformation in clinical outcome provided by the advent of stent retrieval devices, but like tPA, they are currently applicable to just a small fraction of ischemic stroke patients. The revised hope in stroke is to delay progression enough to permit a larger segment of the stroke population to benefit from the use of stent retrievers. TBI has seen its profile raised in the past year or two with the flurry of media coverage around the prevalence of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE) in athletes engaged in sports where repeated blows to the skull are commonplace. Progress has been made in the development of portable devices that can provide instant reads of biomarkers (particularly GFAP) associated with concussion, and the hope is that the legacy of failure in therapeutics may be yet turned around via the parsing of the TBI population via such markers and the development of better endpoints. The recent negative trial findings from Neuren exemplify the dilemma: No impact on the GCOS-E was seen, yet a highly significant effect on a neuropsych test battery was provided by trofinetide. The reviews of TBI and stroke include programs from American Life Sciences Pharma, Remedy Therapeutics, NoNO, NeurOp, Neuren, SanBio, ReNeuron, Zocere, and many others. The May/June issue also provides coverage and commentary on a spate of recent FDA decisions, some of which seemed ill-conceived and/or executed; the end of 'Pfallergan'; the Heptares/Allergan partnership; the relationship of FDA to its own Advisory Committees; and much more. Company Spotlights cover American Life Sciences and Zocere. 43 pages.