Alzheimer’s/FTD Reviewed

The September/October issue of NeuroPerspective features our  comprehensive annual review of the Alzheimer’s space, including a review of the current conceptual trends vis-a-vis pathophysiology and therapeutic targets. In particular, for 2018 there is an expanded assessment of neuro-immunology as it pertains to Alzheimer’s, including infection models of AD and tactics for modulating microglial activity. The subtitle for the review is  ‘Circular Illogic‘, because despite our past observations of the need for recalibration in the pursuit of AD, there is still more investment in amyloid-centric programs than the data warrants.

Among the 150+ programs are assessed are those from: AbbVie, Alector, AC Immune, AgeneBio, Allergan, Alkahest, Anavex, Asceneuron,  Axon-Neuroscience, Biogen, Cognition Therapeutics, Cortexyme, Denali, Eisai, E-Scape, Genentech, Intra-Cellular, JNJ, Karuna, Klogene, Lilly, Lundbeck, Merck, Novartis, Oryzon, Pfizer, Probiodrug, Proclara, ProMIS, Roche, Takeda,  United Neuroscience, and Voyager. Alector is the focus of the Company Review, sidebars include coverage of the current state of the AD Biomarker art and an overview of the POC timelines for major AD programs.

The Sept/Oct issue also includes a full review of Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), including an evaluation of the complex heterogeneity within this umbrella category, with marked divergences in genotype and phenotypic signs. FTD programs are evaluated, including those from AbbVie/Alector, Biogen, Axovant/Benitec, Aquinnah, and Wave Life Sciences/Takeda.

75 pages.