Huntington’s and Epilepsy Reviewed

NI Research has released the March/April 2020 issue of NeuroPerspective, which features comprehensive reviews for Huntington’s and Epilepsy.

The HD review includes an appraisal of the current thinking around pathophysiology and therapeutic targets, including the varying approaches to modifying the production of mutant huntington, considered the core pathology of this monogenic neurodegenerative disorder. Isoform selective and nonselective gene therapy approaches are considered in detail, given the preliminary indications of promise from the Roche/Ionis program. Neuroinflammation and other mechanisms of current interest are included. The Huntington’s review includes 40+ programs, including programs from Takeda with Wave Life Sciences, Voyager, Triplet Therapeutics; Affiris, Celgene, Locana, Prilenia, UniQure, Vaccinex, and Vybion.

The Epilepsy review considers the two major areas of contemporary work in the area; programs for rare genetically determined epilepsies, such as Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, including the first attempt to utilize gene therapy for disease modification rather than settling for seizure-suppression . The second area addresses novel approaches to sporadic epilepsy, with an eye towards the treatment-refractory patient population for whom current anti seizure medications have not provided sufficient control. The review includes 35+ programs, including those from Stoke Therapeutics, Encoded Therapeutics, Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Xenon, UCB Pharma, Zogenix, GW Pharma, and AskBio.

Xenon Pharmaceuticals is the focus of the Company Spotlight. Sidebars include what has become a perennial, rolling appraisal of Biogen‘s complicated relationship with aducanumab and the early trends in CNS investment activity.

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NeuroPerspective is the authoritative, independent, monthly review of the neurotherapeutics area, providing critical analyses of therapeutics-in-development.  A one-year (1-5 user) subscription to NeuroPerspective is $2850. A 6-10 user subscription is $4950. Other customized userbase and  startup pricing options are available. The Huntington’s/Epilepsy  review issue of NeuroPerspective is available as a single-issue purchase for $600.

NI Research has also published the 2020 edition of NeuroLicensing, which comprehensively reviews current licensing trends in the CNS area, and assesses large and midsize pharma companies in terms of their licensing agendas and performance.