NeuroLicensing 2021 Released

NI Research is pleased to announce the release of NeuroLicensing 2021

The indispensable guide to:

Current trends in deal parameters
Pharma track records in CNS licensing
What each company is looking for in terms of therapeutic areas and stages of development

NIR’s candid evaluations of pharma performance and capabilities
NeuroLicensing 2021 is a vital and affordable resource for licensing teams on both sides of BD transactions. Completely revised and updated, NL 2021 provides a unique and frank perspective on the major and midsize companies who are most involved in CNS licensing. Opportunities and partnering agendas are appraised, caution flags raised where warranted, trends in terms and emphases detailed.  To order, go to the Publication Store button above, NeuroLicensing 2021 is available for instant download.

104 pages     US$4200