NeuroPerspective on Psychedelics

NeuroPerspective has released its March/April 2021 issue, featuring  its first-ever, comprehensive review of the rapidly-expanding Psychedelic Therapeutics space, where substances formerly relegated to sacramental and/or illegal status are being formally tested as treatments for CNS disorders. Psilocybin, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT are some of the ‘classic’ psychedelic substances being explored, along with ‘empathogens’ like MDMA, dissociative drugs like ketamine, esketamine, arketamine, and a few substances less easily categorized, like ibogaine and its derivatives. 

There is already substantial clinical support for their use in PTSD (where MAPS has had a successful PhIII trial), Treatment-Resistant Depression (Compass Pathways currently is running a PhIIb study), Cancer-related Pain/Anxiety, and Addictions. Other areas, like Eating Disorders, Phantom-Limb Pain, Cancer Pain and intractable migraines, and even cognitive disorders  like ADHD and Alzheimer’s, are being assessed for the potential usefulness of psychedelics. 

The Review assesses close to fifty companies involved in psychedelics research: Including MAPS, Compass PathwaysATAI Life Sciences and its panoply of partnered programs (ViridiaPerception Neuroscience, DeMeRx, Entheogenix, EmpathBio); MindMed,  Beckley Psytech, Field Trip Health, MindCure, Diamond Therapeutics, MYND, Gilgamesh Pharma, Cybin, PsyBio, Small Pharma, Mindset,  Tactogen, Usona InstituteEntheon Biomedical, Eleusis, and many more. These companies cover the gamut of skillsets and viability, from well-founded to ephemeral pipedreams. The rationale for psychedelic mechanisms (e.g. classic 5HT-2a binding, impact on default mode networks) are reviewed, factors governing the path forward for the class are examined in detail.

The issue also includes a Company Spotlight appraisal of MindMed; an assessment of the aducanumab PDUFA extension, and coverage of six Alzheimer’s programs and their clinical status, including Cassava Sciences, Cortexyme, Lilly, and Biohaven

43 pages.

NI Research is the leading publisher of independent research on the neurotherapeutics industry, and has developed an unmatched information base regarding both publicly and privately held CNS companies. 

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NI Research has also just released the 2021 edition of NeuroLicensing, which comprehensively reviews current licensing trends in the CNS area, and assesses large and midsize pharma companies in terms of their licensing agendas and performance.

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