NeuroPerspective Reviews Depression, PTSD, and Stroke

The Spring 2024 issue of NeuroPerspective  features three comprehensive therapeutic area reviews.

First is Depression, an area on the cusp of being transformed as Psychiatry adds new therapeutic tools, and begins to meaningfully parse large patient populations based on phenotypic or biomarker differentiators. New mechanisms are in clinical stage, ranging from the kappa opioid antagonists from JNJ and Neumora; to Psychedelic (e.g. Compass, Atai, Cybin, Beckley, many others) and psychoplastogen (Delix, Onsero, Intra-Cellular) to novel approaches from Xenon, HMNC, Gate Neuro, Alto Neuro, Actinogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Engrail, Evecxia, and others. 

 Second is PTSD, where human foibles guarantee an ever-expanding patient pool. The entactogen category looms large, with Lykos (MAPS) having submitted the NDA for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. How the FDA handles this complex filing will say a lot about how psychedelic programs will be regulated. MDMA variants are in development by Atai, MindMed, and TactogenBionomics hopes to take BNC210 into PhIII, though there are dosing and safety concerns to be sorted out.

Third is Stroke, still off-menu for most larger companies, but attracting more interest from small companies based on seeking complementary roles alongside mechanical thrombectomy and thrombolysis. NoNO Therapeutics has compelling evidence of partial neuroprotection for nerinetide, hints-of-concept have been seen in programs from Acticor, Lumosa, AptaTargets, Revalesio, and Acticor. AbbVie should have results soon for elezanumab, a regenerative therapy. 

The Spring issue includes a cursory overview of Longboardwith promising PhII data supporting bexicaserin in the treatment of DEE’s like Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut. The Psychedelics Update section reviews GAD data from MindMed, depression results for Cybin and Atai/Beckley, as well as a healthy flow of funding into the more advanced companies in the sectorAs always, there is coverage of significant clinical, fiscal, partnering, and regulatory events, including a very impressive 1Q in terms of investor funding for CNS. 72 pages. 

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