NeuroPerspective’s Review/Preview for 2020 Released

The January/February 2020 issue of NeuroPerspective has been released. It provides a comprehensive review of 2019, and a candid appraisal of what to anticipate in 2020. 115 companies have capsule summaries of current activities and coming events, including AbbVieAcorda, Adamas, Alkahest,  Alkermes, Aptinyx,  ATAI Life Sciences, Axon-Neuroscience, Axsome, Biogen, Biohaven, Blackthorn, Centrexion, Cognition Therapeutics, Denali,  JNJ, Karuna, Lilly, Lundbeck, Marinus,  Minerva,  Neurocrine Biosciences,  Novartis, Ovid, Prevail Therapeutics, Roche, Sage Therapeutics, Sunovion, Takeda, Voyager Therapeutics, Wave Life Sciences, Xenon, Yumanity, Zogenix, and eighty more.

Highlights and Lowlights from 2019 are assessed, with particular consideration of 2019’s inflow of financial resources from both investors and pharma partners, which fell short of 2018’s record-breaking pace, but comes in second all-time; the advent of Sage’s Zulresso and JNJ‘s Spravato, the progress in drugs for schizophrenia, with Intra-Cellular‘s approval and Karuna Therapeutics‘ PhIIb success; Lundbeck‘s improved risk-tolerance; the new generation of psychedelic compounds in pharma-grade clinical trials, via Compass Pathways and Atai Life Sciences; the introduction of new options for narcolepsy, from Harmony and potentially Axsome; and Axsome‘s unexpectedly spectacular year, along with some caveats.

The Jan/Feb NP also reviews the current status of Biogen‘s aducanumab marathon and the pharmacotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder.

The Company Spotlight covers  Cerevel Therapeutics, developing a portfolio of compounds spun out by Pfizer.

38 pages.