Parkinson’s/ALS Reviewed By NeuroPerspective

NI Research has released the November/December issue of NeuroPerspective, which features comprehensive reviews for two major neurodegenerative disorders: Parkinson’s and ALS. These reviews include a consideration of the current thinking around pathophysiology and therapeutic targets, including the protein aggregates considered to be associated with these disorders: Alpha-synuclein, TDP-43, and c9orf72.  Neuroinflammation, GBA as a target, the gut-brain microbiome, and other mechanisms of current interest are included. Progress in the delineation of biomarkers and models is discussed.

The Parkinson’s review includes 160+ programs, including programs from AbbVie with Mission, Voyager, and BioArctic; AC Immune, Affiris, Lysosomal, Biogen, Cantabio,  Caraway, Denali, Roche/Genentech, ImStar, Inflazome, Intra-Cellular, JNJ, Lundbeck, Neuropore,  Prothena/Roche, Sage Therapeutics, UCB Pharma, Axial Biotherapeutics, Yumanity, Cerevel, and Neurocrine/Voyager. The ALS review includes 85+ programs, including those from AC Immune, Aquinnah Pharma, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Astellas/Cytokinetics, Biogen/Ionis, Sanofi/Denali, Neuropore, Gladstone Institute, MediciNova, ImStar, Locana, Neurimmune, Voyager Therapeutics, and Wave Life Sciences

Merck is the focus of the sample Company Review from NeuroLicensing 2020. Sidebars include a more detailed look at Biogen‘s decision to revive aducanumab and the end of the Ehlers era at Biogen, events that are likely more than just temporally correlated. 66 pages.

NI Research is the leading publisher of independent research on the neurotherapeutics industry, and has developed an unmatched information base regarding both publicly and privately held CNS companies. The November/December review of PD and ALS is the continuation of a two-issue sequence on neurodegeneration, with the September/October 2019 issue having comprehensively covered Alzheimer’s and Frontotemporal Dementia.

NeuroPerspective is the authoritative, independent, monthly review of the neurotherapeutics area, providing critical analyses of therapeutics-in-development.  A one-year (1-5 user) subscription to NeuroPerspective is $2800. A 6-10 user subscription is $4900. Other customized userbase and  startup pricing options are available. The Parkinson’s/ALS  review issue of NeuroPerspective is available as a single-issue purchase for $600.

NI Research has also just released the 2020 edition of NeuroLicensing, which comprehensively reviews current licensing trends in the CNS area, and assesses large and midsize pharma companies in terms of their licensing agendas and performance.