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Second Opinion


Inlicensing opportunities

Partnering strategies and targets

Strategic portfolio planning

NI Research began providing consultation services in 2001. We complete 4-6 projects annually, each project receives our full attention, and no one tracks the CNS space more closely than NIR. Some recent consultation projects have included:

  1. Collaborated with a multinational major pharmaceutical company on a strategic review of their CNS platform and opportunities–including licensing and M&A. The project included coordination with R&D, Business Development, and Commercial staff members.
  2. Strategic planning regarding the optimal path forward for a small CNS company which had outlicensed its lead program: Inlicensing, internal development, or M&A.
  3. Provided review and recommendations regarding clinical-stage inlicensing options for a ‘development only’ CNS specialty company.
  4. Developed roster of inlicensing opportunities for a multinational company seeking to expand its inhouse development programs, assessing both nearterm opportunities congruent with their current commercial capabilities and longerterm, earlier-stage projects.
  5. Worked with a private CNS company in delineating a hierarchy of priorities for their inhouse programs and licensing opportunities.
  6. Provided consultation to a small public company considering its label expansion options for a lead program.

Comments from past consultation clients (anonymized for obvious reasons)

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the work; we are currently digesting the report; This is a great work product    CBO: Private CNS Company

“This report is fantastic and very easy to follow”   VP, BD: Multi-National Pharma Company

Great to have you with us yesterday….Thanks for provoking such rich dialogue within the organization”   VP, BD: Multi-National Big Pharma

All is in good order with your report! It came in early and made us think and plan”   CEO, European Private CNS Company

Please know that we at **** hold you and your judgment on important areas of therapeutic development in highest esteem”  CSO, Major Pharma Company

Talk to NI Research: We specialize exclusively in neurotherapeutics, and can deliver highly-focused consultation for a fraction of what the generalist firms charge. When it comes to strategic planning and licensing, there may not be a second chance. So be sure to get a second opinion.

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