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NI Research has released the November/December issue of NeuroPerspective. Its two major review sections provide our first review in several years of therapeutics programs aimed at addiction (alcohol, nicotine, opiates, stimulants), and an updated assessment of Innovation in Neurotherapeutics.

Addiction continues to constitute the largest and arguably most undertreated diagnostic category within psychiatry, a conglomerate of addictive subgroups that overall, impact hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Pharmacotherapeutic options have historically been very limited, though the massive success of Reckitt Benckiser‘s (now Indivior) Suboxone has proven that commercial success can be achieved in this area. A new generation of vaccine/antibody candidates, orexin modulators, and GABA-B PAMs provide hope for improved therapeutic efficacy, while potential expansions of utilization for Arena/Eisai‘s Belviq/lorcaserin and Acadia‘s Nuplazid/pimavanserin offer nearterm potential.

NeuroInnovation includes strategic shifts in programmatic and mechanistic focus, within which the past two years have seen a stunning inflow of resources from both investors and partners. Even Big Pharma, long-rumored to be exiting neuroscience, has in fact increased its allocation of resources for disease-modifying candidates in neurodegeneration, arguably the most challenging category of all. The review evaluates these shifts, as well as work ongoing in the area of improved tools for drug discovery and development. The import of Genentech science combining with Fidelity Biosciences acumen in the formation of Denali Therapeutics, a neurodegeneration ‘pure play’, is discussed.

The November/December issue also provides company reviews for Embera NeuroTherapeutics and InterveXion; commentary on the proposed Pfizer/Allergan merger (the Pfallergan Phallacy), the Valeant Pharma/Turing Pharma debacles (‘Greed Jumps the Shark’), and the problems Forum Pharma has encountered with its encenicline Phase III program.

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