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NI Research (NIR) has released the May/June issue of NeuroPerspective, which features comprehensive reviews of two major areas: Parkinson’s and Neuropathic Pain.

Parkinson’s is one of the major neurodegenerative disorders associated with aging, and while it does not approach the scope of Alzheimer’s, approximately one million US patients suffer from PD. Current treatment options are purely symptomatic, and dopaminergic supplementation exacts a high longterm price in exchange for a few years of improved motor symptoms. It has also become clear that PD is far more than just a disease of motor control areas: Cognitive deficits loom large as a major source of distress and disability. There are improvements on the symptom-relief theme that are late in clinical development and very likely to arrive; the same cannot be said of disease-modification, where many of the issues that have plagued Alzheimer’s research are also impediments to disease-modification in PD–other than Parkinson’s research has been less vulnerable to premature closure on the issue of mechanism. Questions regarding the optimal therapeutic payload;  delivered by which modality, to which anatomical locations, in what form and quantity, have yet to be definitively answered. But there has been a revival of neurotrophic research that, while facing all of these unknowns, may now be in a position to succeed after a history of frequent disappointments from 1995-2005. Novel targets, such as Gcase, are becoming more prominent and receiving necessary funding.

Neuropathic pain is a highly heterogeneous disorder which has numerous pharmacological treatment options available, none of which constitute anything more than a partial solution, providing incomplete relief to a subgroup of patients. The casualty rate in neuropathic programs over the past five years has been virtually identical to that in Alzheimer’s: Many formerly promising novel mechanisms have turned into disappointments. AT2 and Nav 1.7 antagonism have survived, and head the list of potential new avenues to neuropathic pain treatment.

The May/June issue also offers Company Reviews of MedGenesis Therapeutix and Cynapsus Therapeutics; Discussion and commentary regarding recent events and topics, including NeuralStem‘s Phase II results in ALS; the limitations in Biogen‘s aducanumab results-thus-far; and more. Released as a 63 page pdf.

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