NeuroPerspective Overviews CNS 2022/23

The Winter issue of NeuroPerspective has been released. This is the Overview Issue, which assesses the past year, with a particular eye to how the Alzheimer’s landscape has (and hasn’t evolved), and looks ahead to forecast key developments that can be expected in 2023. 2023 begins a two to three year sequence of trial completions that will transform the CNS space. The issue includes:

  1. Highlights and Lowlights from 2022, with due consideration of Leqembi/lecanemab, Amylyx, Biogen’s new CEO, and much more. 
  2. Key questions and anticipated data reveals for 2023.
  3. Fiscal parameters from 2022, trends in fundraising via both institutional investors and pharma partnering, the latter down 75% compared with 2021.
  4. Corporate capsule summaries covering 180+ CNS companies, some in considerable depth.
  5. Psychedelic Update: The status of this highly hyped subsector is reviewed, with particular attention to key questions facing the Psychedelics field, and how they are being handled by Compass Pathways, Atai, MindMed, Small Pharma, Delix, Onsero, and their peers, including an assessment of which companies appear to have the necessary fiscal resources to achieve POC, and which ones do not.

The impact of Karuna’s PhIII success on the general perception of the Psychiatry field and the prospects for novel therapeutics. Promising new programs are in development by larger companies ranging from Merck to Sunovion to Neurocrine, as well as a host of small companies, including Cerevel, Neumora, Engrail, and Gate Neurosciences.

NeuroPerspective is a quarterly review of the neurotherapeutics area offering essential, unique, and comprehensive coverage of developments in the science and the business of the CNS sector. 1-5 reader subscriptions are US$3100 per year, 6-10 user subscriptions are $5250. Startup pricing options and other customized userbase alternatives are available.   The Winter 2023 issue is being made available as a single-issue purchase: $750. Online orders with instant downloads can be completed at